• Dr. Barbara Sturm's latest skin solution, Anti-Pollution Drops, protect the skin with a barrier against environmental stressors, promotes the skin’s natural barrier function, and combats the oxidation and inflammation caused by pollutants.
  • Balancing Toner

    223.00 د.إ
    The Balancing Toner from Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics is the perfect product to remove makeup and oil buildup. It minimises the size of pores and can be used on sensitive skin.
  • Brightening Serum

    1,083.00 د.إ
    The Dr. Barbara Sturm's Brightening Serum with instant effect gives the complexion a more even glow while reducing visible signs of pigmentation. A special extract of Cress Sprouts helps brighten the skin and diminish the appearance of dark and yellowish spots. Ginseng Extract supports the skin’s protection against free radicals, environmental stress, while Hyaluronic Acid fundamentally hydrates the skin and replenishes moisture reservoirs. Allantoin adds a soothing and calming effect. The serum refines skin tone and texture using natural brightening ingredients.
  • Calming Serum

    763.00 د.إ
    Dr. Barbara Sturm's 'Calming Serum' is enriched with an active plant-based complex of Cladosporium, Echium and Sunflower to re-balance irritated complexions. Perfected at the brand's custom facility in Germany, this gentle formula contains Purslane which helps soothe inflammation and protect delicate cell membranes. It's ideal for those affected by overexposure to the sun, environmental pollution, air conditioning, jet lag and sleep loss.
  • Clarifying Serum

    763.00 د.إ
    Dr. Barbara Sturm believes that blemish-prone complexions need a focused, gentle approach when it comes to daily routines - "acne is a sign of inflamed skin, so don't then treat it with aggressive peels," she says. Formulated to soothe sensitivity and calm redness, this lightweight 'Clarifying' serum is infused with Bistort Root Extract that reaches deep into the epidermis to hydrate, plump fine lines and wrinkles and leave you with a radiant glow. Our beauty team recommend massaging it in with your fingers in an upward and outward motion over your face, jaw and neck.
  • Cleanser

    223.00 د.إ
    Dr. Barbara Sturm’s soft and fine cleansing foam provides gentle yet deep cleansing without upsetting the skin’s natural moisture balance. Nurturing ingredients and mild tensides free the skin gently of superfluous fat and environmental residues. The formula also perfectly prepares the skin and opens its pores, so that active ingredients during the following skincare routine can be optimally and deeply absorbed.
  • Enzyme Cleanser

    241.00 د.إ
    This 2-in-1 cleansing foam and exfoliator by Barbara Sturm deeply but gently cleanses and is ideal for oily and combination skin. When mixed with water, the fine-grained powder transforms into a soft foam. A collection of enzymes works together to remove dry and dead skin, makeup, pollution and other impurities from pores. Your skin will appear revitalised and smooth instantly after cleansing.
  • Eye Cream

    482.00 د.إ
    A specialist in cosmetic medicine, Dr. Barbara Sturm's beauty products are based on a medical understanding of cells and anti-aging. Designed to target dark circles, this ultra hydrating eye cream has been specially developed in her German lab with Purslane and Golden Root to lift the sensitive areas around the eyes and reduce puffiness. It's also infused with active Omega Lipids that help skin retain moisture.
  • Face Cream

    604.00 د.إ
    A specialist in aesthetic medicine, Dr. Barbara Sturm was inspired by her research into molecular science to create a beauty range that harnessed the power of natural ingredients. Developed in her German lab, this soothing 24-hour face cream will help make your complexion appear radiant even without makeup. It's infused with Purslane - a plant rich in regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help prevent cell aging. When used at night it acts as an intensive regeneration treatment for a revitalized glow the next morning.
  • Facial Scrub

    223.00 د.إ
    Achieve a more even, brighter complexion with Dr. Barbara Sturm's refining Facial Scrub. Formulated and rigorously tested at the brand's German clinic, this nourishing formula effectively removes dry, flaky skin, promotes cell renewal and helps prevent breakouts. Best of all, it's blended with moisturizing Silk Extract, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, so it doesn't leave your skin feeling tight.
  • Hyaluronic Serum

    1,043.00 د.إ
    Dr. Barbara Sturm is internationally renowned for her work with molecular cosmetics - a process that uses the body's own proteins to help promote skin rejuvenation and combat signs of aging. Formulated in her German laboratory, this highly concentrated serum is infused with long- and short-chain Hyaluronic molecules that deeply penetrate the skin for intense hydration. It diminishes the appearance of imperfections and wrinkles for a firmer, more radiant-looking complexion.
  • Lifting Serum

    1,043.00 د.إ
    Dr. Barbara Sturm's revolutionary serum visibly lifts skin and reduces the appearance of visible signs of aging. This clever formula smooths surface texture for a more refined, even-looking complexion. Biopolymers create a long-lasting, weightless film that promotes firmness and stability, while Pullulan, Red Algae and Plankton Extract plump wrinkles and support collagen and elastin.
  • Sun Drops SPF 50

    504.00 د.إ
    This innovative light-textured sun serum by Dr. Barbara Sturm doubles as skincare and provides a truly broad-spectrum SPF 50 protection against both UVA (photoaging) and UVB (sunburn) rays. An active complex of Vitamin E and Beta-Glucan protects the skin from oxidative damage, while Purslane, an anti-aging powerhouse, helps calm the skin and reduce the visible signs of irritation.
  • Super Anti-Aging Serum

    1,184.00 د.إ
    Packed with active antioxidant ingredients to nourish while visibly reducing the appearance of irritations, fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to replace the skin’s moisture reservoirs using both low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. Formulated with extracts of Skullcap and Purslane, which helps calm the skin and reduce the visible signs of irritation.


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