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BRAU is UAE'S #1 BEAUTY BRAND· beauty Treatments, brow, lash and skin obsessed service / treatments. BRAU is a premium beauty studio that specializes in Brows, Lashes, Lips, Eyes, and Facial services delivered by artisans in this field.

Delivering the highest technical and artistic techniques that appreciate each woman’s facial features, attitude and style.

We are a modern-prestige beauty studio that specializes in the art of women facial grooming.

Guided by the mission to become the respected authority in this field, we strive to bring to our guests a team of award-winning, empathetic, and licensed artists capable of delivering the highest technical and clinical proficiency; to design our studios to be built-for-purpose for the craft of facial grooming and to be a source of inspiration to our guests; to deliver unparalleled customer service; and to contribute to the body of knowledge surrounding our industry by continuously innovating our techniques and setting new trends.

Our philosophy is simple and it is rooted in our belief that beauty is the strongest form of self-expression, and we can better manifest it when we connect with ourself, when we become genuinely proud of who we are, and when we get intentional about the style, attitude and identity that we want to exude.