Your Guide to Semi-Permanent Makeup

November 16, 2020

Intrigued by the thought of budge-proof liner and beautifully feathered brows, but feeling a little intimidated by references to semi-permanent makeup and eyebrow tattooing? Read on to discover from our Dubai beauty therapists exactly what semi-permanent makeup is, its many benefits and how it differs from other body art methods.

What is semi-permanent makeup?
What do eyebrow microblading, lip blush, and everlasting eye liner treatments have in common? They are all forms of semi-permanent makeup, each applied in a professional salon setting by a trained expert. The results of these treatments can last anymore between 6-24 months.

While you may have previously associated semi-permanent makeup with the thick eyeliner and lip contouring of the early 2000s, semi-permanent makeup has now evolved to become a subtle way to enhance your natural appearance, using refined techniques and modern organic pigments. Brau’s semi-permanent makeup technicians take an artistic approach to their work, tailoring each treatment specially to your natural contours and features.

What happens at my semi-permanent makeup appointment?
Firstly, your Dubai brow and face expert will map out your desired shape, shade and intensity, to make sure your final look is completely customised to your preferences. Next, a numbing cream is applied to the treatment area – making the process pain-free. While the technique and session time differs depending on your area of treatment, semi-permanent makeup such as microblading, lips blush and eyeliner enhancements all use a high quality pigment with a mix of colors custom blended for you. These hues are then neatly pushed into the skin’s surface using a sterile micro needle, repeating the process until your beauty therapist is satisfied with the shade intensity and coverage.

What’s the difference between semi-permanent makeup and tattoos?
At its most fundamental, semi-permanent makeup is technically a form of body and facial tattooing, although with some clear differences in technique, application, appearance and permanence. Tattoo and body art inks applied into a deep layer of the skin, while semi-permanent makeup applies the pigment on the skin surface of the brows, lips and the eye area. The pigment also contains a less concentrated metal and mineral-sourced base, which is the compound that adheres your tattoos to the surface of your skin. Traditional tattoos also penetrate much further into the dermis, while makeup tattoos only affect the first top layers of skin.

How long does semi-permanent makeup last?
Depending on your area of treatment, semi-permanent makeup can last up to 24 months. Microbladed brows, eyeliner, lip blush and thicker kohl-inspired styles can take one to two years to fade, with touch-ups recommended once every year for a consistent look.

Who should try semi-permanent makeup?
Beauty-enhancing semi-permanent makeup is for anyone who wants to elevate their look, draw attention to a particular feature, or who simply wants to simplify their beauty routine with time-saving microblading, eyebrow-shaping and more. Who should avoid semi-permanent makeup? Pregnant and nursing women, those with metal or pigments allergies, or people with skin conditions near the treatment area are not suitable candidates.

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