Styles • Brau


The Boy Brau.

This 80’s trend is back! This style is the polar opposite to the groomed brows of Instagram; the bushier and more unkempt, the better. We like to call this the ungroomed groomed brow!

The Glam Brau.

The power brow look that you see in your Instagram feed. The brow starts light and soft at the front, fading to a deeper tone towards the tail. The shape is neat and defined with not a single hair out of place.

The Flat Brau.

This brow is a trend inspired by Korean beauty. It’s all about lowering the arch creating a straight shape to make the face look more full and youthful.

The Brushed Up Brau.

Soft, textured and fluffy from the top, while clean and defined from the bottom. This brow style is effortless and achieves the ‘no make up’ make up look.