Mother’s Day is fast approaching and although there is never a bad time to treat the most important lady in your life, there is no better day to show your love and appreciation than on the dedicated day itself.  Ensure you are the favourite child this month and give the gift of self-care and pampering, because let’s face it, no one deserves it more than your mother!

Our curated Mother’s Day Guide below is guaranteed to tick all the boxes. Whether your mum is a brow aficionado, a skincare junkie or revels in relaxing facial treatments, let pampering be your gift of choice this month.

If she loves…. FACIALS

Nothing screams relaxation and self-care as much as a facial. If your mum is looking to get her glow back, whilst enjoying a little well-deserved ‘me-time’, why not gift her a decadent one hour facial this Mother’s Day? The Mesotherapy Glow Facial is an all-round treat for the skin, inserting a cocktail of vitamins via painless micro-needles that help to boost collagen production and treat scars and wrinkles with ease. This 5-step facial ensures a radiant and youthful look with products to soothe and lift the skin.  Or why not make your mother feel a million dollars with the luxurious Million Dollar Facial? Deeply exfoliating, this treatment removes non-terminal hair, polishes the skin and flushes out toxins. Alongside a lymphatic drainage massage and hyaluronic acid mask, active ingredients are absorbed by a cool 80% leaving the skin thoroughly clear, smooth with that all-encompassing glow.

If she loves…. LUSCIOUS LASHES

If your mum is feeling a tad on the tired side, one sure fire way to create wide-awake eyes is the LVL Lash Lift. Low maintenance with no need for mascara, the effortless lash lift lasts for around 6 weeks and leaves lashes stunningly curled upwards giving maximum length and volume. Add a Lash Tint for some extra va-va voom and your mum can happily say goodbye to the eyelash curler and enjoy a more lifted and youthful look – whether she feels it or not!

A luxurious skincare routine should be top of every mum’s wish list, and nothing says luxe and efficacious more so than Beauty Editor and celebrity favourite, Dr. Barbara Sturm. Treat your mum to a selection of this cruelty-free, paraben-free brand, full of natural ingredients designed to re-energise tired, dry and lacklustre skin. One true hero product that should make the cut in your mother’s beauty arsenal is the Hyaluronic Serumthat penetrates deep into the skin for intense hydration. It also decreases the appearance of wrinkles for a firmer and more radiant looking complexion – something all mums are on the lookout for.

If she loves…. MAKE UP

‘Time poor’ is often a phrase synonymous with mums battling the daily juggle. If this sounds like your mother, why not help her knock vital minutes off her morning routine with a semi-permanent make up treatment? With a lip blush treatment, you can enhance the natural lip colour whilst adding asymmetry and fullness. The result being a beautifully natural, sheer and soft coloured organic pigment. Or if she prefers a fuller looking pout, Ombre lips are the way to go with two colours used to create a gradient of colour to achieve a more voluminous lip. With no need for lip liner, lipstick or gloss, your mother can put her best foot forward each morning, feeling the very best version of herself with minimal fuss – what’s not to love!

If she loves…. EYEBROWS ON FLEEK

Feathered, ombre or hybrid – the different eyebrow styles and eyebrow shapes are endless with this semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. Offering yet another time-saver, your mum can indulge in this ever-popular treatment to create fuller, defined brows that last for up to 18 months. A great brow treatment should always enhance your brows rather than dominate the face and the expert Brau. team are on hand to advise on the option best suited to your mum.  Post treatment, microblading aftercare is available and if your mother isn’t ready to take the plunge just yet, she can achieve a lesser lasting but still incredible look with on-trend Brow Lamination or HD Brows, a bespoke treatment that lasts for up to 6 weeks.

Brau is a brow bar and beauty clinic in Dubai that specializes in luxury beauty treatments.