It’s taken instagram by storm – the brushed up fluffy brow look donned by influencers and catwalk models alike. While they may look naturally and effortlessly beautiful, these brows are the creation of talented brow artists and one of this year’s most sought after beauty treatments – ‘brow lamination’.

That said, there is so much more to this wonder-treatment than instagrammable brows so we’ve taken the time to compile the basics of lamination to help you decide if this is the right option for you, with a little help from the Brau artists, Dubai’s leading brow bar.

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a ground-breaking treatment that leaves your brow hairs more flexible, allowing you to style your brows in your desired shape and direction. It is the perfect solution for those looking to ditch the brow gel but who still want to keep their brows in place or in specific eyebrow styles.

Who is it for?

While many associate it with the high-fashion brushed up look, brow lamination is also great for:

  • Those who prefer a more sleek look, but who have unruly brow hairs that they want to keep neat and tidy throughout the day. 
  • Those looking to cover sparse areas in their brows. 
  • Those looking to create the illusion of a fuller brow.

It is also a great treatment to do together with microblading as your own brow hairs blend beautifully with the feathered brow strokes.

What is the aftercare?

Brow lamination aftercare is simple, but important. It is necessary to keep the brow hairs dry for the initial 24 hours after the appointment – during this period your hairs will still be soft and supple so it’s important also to keep them in place to set to ensure they will grow out straight.

After this initial period your brows should be kept hydrated –  for those looking to get best results, there are specifically formulated eyebrow products for use in conjunction with your brow lamination. Brau Studio’s expert Brau Artists recommend the M2 Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex, this is a brow and eyelash conditioner which is specifically formulated for hydrating the lash and brow hairs.

Bonus tip: Always remember to style your laminated brows while wet, as this is when they are most flexible and when they are easiest to brush into place. A simple brush through in the desired direction with a spooly brush is enough and will keep those eyebrows on fleek!

It is recommended to do your brow lamination every 6 weeks – this leaves enough time for the laminated hairs to grow out before re-doing the treatment and ensures against over-processing the hairs.

Always ensure you visit a premium salon for your Brow Lamination, your artist should have undergone the correct training and have a natural flair for aesthetics to ensure the treatment is done correctly and in the right style for your face and your preference.

If you’re ready to up your ‘brau game’, get instagram ready or just say goodbye to unruly brow hairs once and for all, head over to Brau to get your appointment booked in with a Brau Lamination expert.