Why Dermaplaning Will Supercharge Your Beauty Routine

October 1, 2020

Does your complexion checklist include smoother skin, an even texture, and an around-the-clock glow? If you’re ready to take your skincare treatments to the next level, then dermaplaning may be the routine booster that you’ve been waiting for. Read on to discover exactly what dermaplaning at your next Dubai salon facial can do for you.


What is dermaplaning?
Simply put, dermaplaning is a treatment that removes the very top layers of dead skin and other debris like your peach fuzz facial hair – also known as vellus hair. Performed in a professional salon setting, your therapist uses a very fine, surgical scalpel to shear off the dead skin cells from the dermis, working in short and targeted strokes across the face. An excellent physical exfoliator, dermaplaning is the perfect partner to other topical facial treatments such as peels and masques. Performed by your Dubai dermaplaning specialist roughly every six weeks, there’s zero downtime after a session, and it’s safe for sensitive skin types and pregnant women.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?
Expect smooth and glowing skin, with a reduction in uneven texture. Without the barrier of dead and dry skin cells blocking the way through, your products can penetrate much more easily, delivering a concentrated dose of ingredients to the layers that need the most attention. Performed as part of a tailored facial, your therapist will use dermaplaning to help amplify the benefits of the products applied. Try Brau’s Million Dollar Facial for a complete skin tune-up – this luxury treatment will polish your complexion to perfection with a combination of dermaplaning, needling, lymphatic drainage and hyaluronic acid mask application.

Does dermaplaning affect my make-up?
As well as improving your complexion’s natural radiance, dermaplaning also aids the appearance of your make-up. With the peach fuzz hairs and dead skin removed, your foundation and other base products will apply much more easily, gliding on to create a smooth canvas and allowing powder products to blend in without highlighting stray facial hair.

What’s the difference between dermaplaning and shaving?
Shaving will remove only excess facial hair, using a blade that’s considerably larger and thicker. The size of your standard store-bought razor also can irritate and lightly graze your skin, tugging on the hair root and causing ingrown hairs and redness – just like when your man gets a post-shave razor burn!

In contrast, dermaplaning is a very different style of treatment and delivers results that simply shaving could never achieve. Unlike a razor used for shaving, a laser-cut dermaplaning blade is ultra-thin, completely sterile. Designed to remove not only peach fuzz and hair, but the build-up of dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of dermis below, the blade clears away environmental debris without irritating hair follicles. Due to the precision and skill required, dermaplaning should only be conducted in a professional salon setting by your trained Dubai skin therapist.

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