Our Ultimate Guide to Growing Out Your Brows

July 16, 2020

Whether you’ve recently been a little too enthusiastic with the tweezers, or are still recovering from the over-plucked arches of the early 2000s, there’s a knack to getting back the full, fluffy eyebrows of your dreams – all you need is a little patience and the right tools.


Hide the tweezers!

Sometimes the simplest thing can be the hardest. But, it’s time to put down your tweezers for at least 10 weeks, to allow your natural brow shape to return. That means no plucking stray hairs whatsoever, even if it’s getting a little wild around your arches.

While there may be an adjustment period as you get used to your brows’ newly reemerging shape, it will all be worth it in the end. Unable to resist a little tidy up? Use specialty precision scissors to trim the extra long hairs while you wait for the rest to catch up.


Give your brows some TLC

Treat your brows to their own care routine to nourish and nurture new growth. Use a dedicated cleanser and eye make-up remover that’s designed for the eye area to gently wash away product and environmental residue.

Daily brow brushing can increase blood flow to the cuticle, giving them an extra boost. Invest in a concentrated serum from our Dubai brow studio, and apply every PM to speed up hair growth and encourage thicker brows in just six to eight weeks.

Add a conditioning brow gel to your morning routine to protect and hydrate – a clear formula helps keep stray hairs in place all day long while encouraging new growth.


Fill the gaps

Keep your eyebrows looking polished during the growing out period with a brow pencil product that mimics your hair’s natural texture and tint. Look for a pencil that has a super fine point, so you have full control over your application.

Choose a shade that matches your existing hair’s hue – if torn between two colours, opt for the darker one – and apply in short, clean strokes.

Use a spoolie brush to gently comb the product upwards through the brow for a natural finish. Add a hint of highlight under your arch to maximise your brow’s shape.


Let your brow stylist take over

Ready to put your replenished brows to work? Book in for a consultation with one of Brau’s Dubai brow experts to plot out your ideal brow shape. Your friendly brow stylist will map out the contours of your face and natural brow to determine the most flattering eyebrow shapes, positioning and thickness for you, whether that may be a high impact HD brow, or the more subtle feathered brow.

Next, your stylist will use a combination of services including shaping, tinting and eyebrow lamination to maximise your natural arch and to create a truly customised brow. They will also be able to recommend any semi-permanent brow services such as microblading and microshading to achieve your long term brow goals.

Brau is a brow bar and beauty clinic in Dubai that specializes in luxury beauty treatments.

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