Trying a new procedure for the first time can sometimes feel a little daunting, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin and are partaking in something semi-permanent. Whether you are contemplating a beautiful new feathered brow, lip contour, semi-permanent lash line, or eyeliner makeup, preparation and prevention is always better than cure, and as such, a patch test is highly recommended for new customers here at Brau.


Just like many beauty treatments, Microblading uses a range of different products including pigments, numbing cream, and aftercare which can entail the risk of an allergic reaction. As the treatment involves breaking the skin and the products permeating under the surface, if you are allergic, the reaction can be more severe than with topical application, hence the importance of a patch test.


Patch testing is very common in the beauty industry and is the process of trying a very small amount of product on a patch of skin, before carrying out the procedure and monitoring its reaction. At Brau, we conduct all patch tests during your consultation, on a subtle area of the skin such as behind the ear, just in case you do happen to be allergic to it. It is also important to ensure there is no other product on this area of skin so that we can definitively say what is causing the reaction – if you did unfortunately have one.


The test must be applied at least 48 hours before the treatment to minimize the risk of any reactions. Usually, if you are allergic to a product, you will see a reaction within 24-48 hours. Many extraneous factors can affect your sensitivity to pigment, and this is likely to change between each appointment. As part of the Microblading patch test, each product needs to be tested in the way it will be used for the procedure with both the pigment and numbing cream, as well as the aftercare products being tested on the skin. Some test strokes will be carried out on the skin to give a clear reflection on how your skin reacts, and all products should sit on the skin for around 20 minutes.


Typically, what you should look for as part of your patch test is any excessive redness, swelling, rashes, blisters, burning, stinging, or itchiness.  If this occurs, your Brau Artist will look to find an alternative product and repeat the patch test with that, or the treatment will sadly need to be cancelled.


It is important to note that allergic reactions to pigments are rare, however, it is important to check first for your peace of mind. We strongly recommend a patch test for anyone who has high sensitivities to topical makeup products, metals including gold, silver, and nickel, as well as paints, lanolin, and hair dyes.


Once your patch test is done, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are just a step away from having semi-permanent eyebrows of dreams – eyebrows on fleek, here you come!