The Biggest Beauty Trends for 2021

December 31, 2020

Ready to make the new beauty resolutions you’ll stick to? Nail your new year look with these upcoming beauty trends to ensure you’ll be putting your best face forward in 2021 with the help of Brau’s Dubai brow and face experts.

Fresh-faced skin
According to Pinterest’s newly released ‘Pinterest Predicts’ report, naturally glowing skin is the top trend for beauty in 2021, with four times as many users on the social platform searching for the phrase in the last year. With well-hydrated and pigmentation-free complexions at the top of our wishlists, we’re turning to hardworking treatments that utilise potent ingredients to directly target skin issues. We recommend introducing a dedicated facial to your skincare routine – book in every six weeks for best results over time. Opt for a customisable facial such as the Million Dollar Facial – using a combination of deep exfoliation, dermaplaning, needling and lymphatic drainage massage, this luxury facial treatment handles existing skin worries in addition to keeping in check any environmental or hormonal issues before they can fully emerge.

Naturally bold brows
With make-up looks taking a more subtle approach, brows styles are also becoming more relaxed. The immaculately coiffed Instagram brow has been replaced with an updated version that’s softer and more natural, yet retaining flawless definition and fullness. Throw out your brow pencils and find your perfect natural brow with the next generation of microblading, which will add a feathery fullness to your natural eyebrows, without the too-sharp curves and points of the Insta-glam era. Our feathered brow treatment uses organic pigments to genuinely colour match your hair’s own hue, with expertly microbladed strokes adding the right amount of density for an undiscernible natural brow.

Lush lashes
Continuing on with the less is more philosophy, lashes will see a return to naturally full and flirty styles, with the more OTT exaggerated lengths reserved for special events. Volume lash extensions will stay on trend, however, but with expert placement enhancing the eye’s shape instead of overpowering it. Choose a faux eyelash style that follows the eye’s contour, and opt for a Dubai lash professional who can carefully add extra lash fullness and density just where you need it. Try Brau’s natural volume lash extension which uses a combination of one to three individual luxury lashes per natural eyelash for a perfectly tailored look that will take you into 2021.


Eye allure
With mask-wearing continuing into the new year, eyes remain the focus of many beauty trends. Make sure yours stand out for the right reasons by giving your peepers some extra TLC. The sensitive skin around the eyes is the most prone to the first signs of aging, from change in skin texture to emerging wrinkles and fine lines. Boost your favourite facial appointment with an add-on eye mask, to specifically target brightening dark circles, restoring firmness and easing the appearance of lines. Continue your results at home and in-between salon facials with a hydrating eye oil – lighter than a cream, but packed with skin-loving antioxidants, it will support cell rejuvenation as part of your daily routine.

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