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A style that follows your natural lash length sequence, enhancing your lashes without changing their shape. Great for an everyday effortless look!

Best for: All eye shapes


Cat style elongates your natural eye shape upwards by placing shorter lashes at inner corners and gradually increasing in length towards the outer corners.

Best for: Almond, Round, Upward facing eye shapes.


The Squirrel style uses the longest lashes at the arch of your brows giving you exotically

shaped eyes!

Best for: Almond, Hooded, Down-turned, Upward facing eye shapes.

Wake Me Up

This style places the longest lashes in the middle of the eyes, opening them up and brightening your features.

Best for: Almond, Hooded, Down-turned eye shapes.

Kim K

A glam style that mixes long and short lashes with graduated spikes, giving you slightly messy lashes that appear full and thick.

Best for: All eye shapes