Nailing the ‘Effortless Beauty’ look for all those Houseparty Calls

May 13, 2020

Friends, where would we be without them? On the phone of course! We might be confined to our homes for the time-being, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hang out virtually.

From Zoom to WhatsApp, and Skype to Houseparty, there’s plenty of video chat facilities for catching up with friends, hosting an occasional games night, and staying in touch with family.

But without the regular beauty treatments Dubai has to offer, socialising is not quite the same. And never have our faces been more amplified with the amount of online conversations we’re having.

So then, how can you nail the ‘natural’ just stepped out of a salon look, when your favourite beauty studios in Dubai are also on lockdown?

To help maintain your beauty upkeep, our team of beauty experts have given us their top tips below:

Glowing skin

We’re all staying indoors much more than we’re used to, making it hard to hold on to that healthy dewy glow.

The secret to flawless skin, our Million Dollar Facial, is one of our signature skincare treatments. The treatment deeply exfoliates and polishes skin and removes unwanted hair and dead cells, whilst offering a natural collagen boost.

The next best way to achieve glowing skin at home, is to ensure you follow a consistent facial routine every morning by using a deep facial cleaner, vitamin C and SPF, and every evening by cleansing, applying retinol oil and a hydrating moisturizer. This routine combined with occasional dermaplaning and hydrating face masks will leave your skin nourished and soothed. In our studio we use the innovative Million Dollar Facial skincare range for long-lasting results – which is also available for home delivery.

Statement brows

They frame your face and draw attention to your eyes, so it’s worth investing in your eyebrow look. Eyebrow shaping in Dubai has become very popular, with microblading and brow lamination making the most of your assets.

HD Brows is also one of our most requested brow treatments, where every client has a unique brow shape customised to their natural brow line. This also includes a personal hair re-growth program and recommendations for filling in your brows at home. Existing Brau customers will be able to maintain their brows using this.

To improvise Eyebrow Queen has a standout collection of brow related products that we also use in our studio. Their precision double ended tweezers are a must-have for home-brow shaping, along with brow colour boost tinted brow gel  to fill out your brows. Combined they create defined yet full brows, leaving your Houseparty guests wondering what’s your secret…

Hydrated lips

Lips also need some self-care. As with your skin, you need to lip exfoliate to remove any dead cells for softer and smoother lips. This is easy to achieve at home, just add a teaspoon of honey and twice as much sugar for a non-abrasive lip scrub, that’s it!

For next level luxury, combine with a lip mask. We recommend Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask– a leave-on lip mask that leaves your lips feeling hydrated and glossy.

Luscious lashes

Who doesn’t want long thick eyelashes? Perfectly framed with HD brows, these are the focal point for every Houseparty occasion, so it’s important to maintain upkeep.

Lash Lifts are one of our most popular treatments in our studio. To achieve this at home, we recommend using a growth serum to encourage natural eyelash growth. Revitalash is our go-to growth serum, this serum contains Biotin and plant extracts high in antioxidants and vitamin B to strengthen, condition and revitalise your lashes. We recommend using it twice a day – in the morning and in the evening before you go to bed. At a time like this, investing in an advanced eyelash conditioner can help with upkeep, and ensure you’re photo ready for a flirtatious flutter!

Brau is a brow bar and beauty clinic in Dubai that specializes in luxury beauty treatments.

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