Brows are fast becoming one of the most important features – this decade has seen everything from the sleek and defined ‘HD brows’ treatment to the fluffy, instagrammable ‘brow lamination’.

For those who are not blessed with beautiful thick brows, Microblading – or ‘feathered brow’ –  is a gamechanger. It is a semi-permanant make-up treatment using custom-blended pigment to create hair-like strokes allowing you to wake up with the perfectly groomed brows you never knew you could have – at least without the help of an array of eyebrow products!

Despite the growing number of people taking the plunge, there are still a number of myths surrounding microblading. Read on for a selection that have been dispelled by Brau Studio’s award-winning SPMU Artists.

Hair will stop growing after Microblading
This should never be the case – Microblading is done with a tool that will go no deeper than the superficial layers of your skin. The blade will not penetrate deep enough to affect the hair follicle.

It looks unnatural

While you may have seen obvious and clumsy-looking hair strokes, this is not Microblading from a premium salon. These days the best salons will offer an option called ‘Nanoblading’ which is essentially Microblading with a finer blade for a fluffier and more natural result. An experienced artist will blend the strokes with your natural hairs so that only you will know they are there.

It’s permanent

Gone are the days of terrible tattoos – brow trends are ever-evolving, and it is just not practical to commit permanently to eyebrow shapes or styles. Microblading lasts for around 12 months, depending on aftercare and skin type, and Microshading can last up to 18 months. This allows for small changes to be made in line with the latest trends to keep your brows on fleek. For those who do have previous stubborn tattoo’s they are unhappy with, there is also an option to do ‘brow tattoo removal’ before going ahead with premium Microblading.

Colour will change after microblading

Again, this has been a problem of the past, and poor quality pigments can have ingredients such as iron oxide which has been known to change colour over time. This is not a concern that is faced by the clients of a good brow bar – while it is normal for the color to fade over time to lighter versions of the original tone, these strokes should blend naturally with your hairs as they fade.

It’s painful

While the idea of using a blade may seem a little daunting to some, fear not. When you come in for your Microblading session, the first step is to numb the area the artist will be working on. The experience can be likened to a slight scratching sensation, but should not be painful. Always ensure to turn up on time for your appointment to allow for the full numbing period.

It will leave scars

As mentioned previously, well crafted Microblading will only penetrate the superficial layers of the skin and will not go deep enough to cause scarring. That said, retracing the strokes before the healing process has completed does carry some risk of scarring – therefore it is necessary to follow the correct microblading aftercare and always leave a minimum of 4 weeks between the initial Microblading session and touch up.

The moral of the story is pick a premium brow salon for your Microblading. If you’re ready to ditch the brow pencil, head over to Brau and book your complimentary consultation with expert artists who are ready to sit down and discuss your feathered brow goals.