Four Reasons Why Microblading Will Revolutionise Your Routine

August 1, 2020

Thinking about taking the plunge, and finally booking your microblading appointment? Aside from finding your perfect eyebrow shapes, there’s myriad reasons why you should try microblading with Brau. Read on to discover the reasons why our Dubai brow studio clients are reporting back “I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!”

1 // The ultimate time saver

First things first, your microblading treatment is going to help streamline your make-up routine. No more penciling, brushing, setting and spraying, your newly microbladed brows are good to go with minimal maintenance.

Add up the hours and hours spent on brows over the potential years of this semi-permanent treatment, and you’ve got a significant amount of time that could be spent on other things – like sleeping in. Not to mention how you’ll save in other ways, with your brow filling products now a thing of the past.

2 // Be prepared for anything

Last minute paddle boarding session? Post-brunch pool day? Or a spontaneous slumber party? No matter what’s suddenly sprung on you, you will stay naturally polished. After microblading, you’ll be left with semi-permanent eyebrows that don’t run, smudge or smear, giving you the confidence to get on with your day’s activities.

Unlike traditional make-up pencils and products, microblading is fuss-free and will withstand all extremes, including the UAE’s infamously humid summer, for your ultimate hot weather beauty fix.

Couple with one of Brau’s signature volume lash extensions or a more subtle lash lift and lash tint treatment, and you’ll never be caught out with smeared eyes or an invisible brow.

3 // Never overdone

Ever checked your Instagram story mentions the next morning, only to see brows that look more unkempt than effortlessly crafted? It’s true, sometimes bad brows can happen to good people. Whether you’ve been the victim of dodgy lighting, uneven application or a too-heavy brow pencil, it can be disconcerting to see yourself tagged with unflattering make-up.

Luckily Brau microblading ensures uniformity so that your brows will always appear naturally flawless. With our ultra-thin blade and colour-matched pigments mimicking your own hairs, your look will stay consistent day after day.

4 // Leave your mistakes behind

Has overplucking left your natural brow shape looking worse for wear? No matter your past plucking sins, microblading can help recover your best brow shape, even after years of excessive hair removal.  Aside from offering the best microblading in Dubai, our Brau artists use high precision tools and personalised techniques to map out your ideal eyebrow shape and style.

With different microblading techniques varying from our Hybrid Brow, Feathered Brow, and microshading Ombre Brow, your brow specialist will cater to your own unique needs and highlight your natural beauty.

Brau is a brow bar and beauty clinic in Dubai that specializes in luxury beauty treatments.

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