Five Essential Brow Hacks Everyone Should Know

May 16, 2020

More than just a fashion must-have, we all know that eyebrows are our most important features. They frame our face, accentuate our features, and bring attention to our eyes. It’s safe to stay that gorgeous, full, well-groomed, defined brows are a beauty requirement.

Most beauty-lovers visit Dubai brow studios every two to five weeks to maintain well-groomed HD brows. With that in mind, many women are turning to DIY hacks to manage their brows from home. If you’re one of the many looking for inspiration, here’s five hacks to style out those brows.

Condition those brows!

The key to healthy thick eyebrows is to take good care of them. Conditioner makes your hair smooth, restores its natural shine and strengthens the hair to prevent breakage and hair loss. So just like your hair, your brows need conditioning too.

To do this, we recommend investing in a strengthening and conditioning brow serum such as Revitabrow. Or you can simply use coconut oil for conditioning, and castor oil for conditioning and growing your brows. You can also add vitamin E oil for an extra boost. Nightly application of those oils and serum is a good ritual to get in to.


Trusted tweezers

Sure, you can thread and wax, but unless you’re a pro, this can be a tricky and sticky experience, and one that’s best avoided. Instead, invest in a sturdy pair of tweezers and learn how to self-groom.

In order to avoid overplucking, stick to your natural shape, removing out of place hairs in the middle and under your brow bone. This will create a neat and clear look. Opt for plucking after a shower or bath. Your hair follicles will be more receptive to plucking since the warm water helps to open them up. Always pluck in the direction of natural growth and choose a place where there’s good lighting.

Our experts advise that once every two weeks is enough to ensure you keep your natural shape and avoid over-plucking.

Soap your brows

A home DIY alternative to using brow gel that everyone should know.

All you need is a bar of soap, a spoolie brush and some water or setting mist. Wet your spoolie brush with water, light drag it against the soap and then brush your brows in the direction of your natural hair growth. We recommend choosing a soap with low pH levels.

This will leave you with fluffy, brushed up brows with volume for a long-term hold.

Highlight, Highlight, Highlight

Highlighting your brows is a perfect trick to enhance, lift and frame your brows. All you need is a brow highlighter or concealer and a brush. In our brow studio, we use the HD Brows highlighter pencil and highlighter brush.

To use this, draw a fine line right underneath your brows and with the brush, blend downwards. For a more defined look, follow the same steps for the top of your brows.

Back comb your brows

We all have annoying gaps and sparse areas in our brows. To cover those gaps while achieving a bushy brow with volume its best to use a tinted brow gel.

We recommend back combing the gel in the opposite direction of your natural hair growth and then back in their natural direction. This not only gives your brows extra volume but also helps stain the skin underneath covering any gaps. To achieve a more faded ombre look, you can apply the tinted brow gel starting from the arch downwards and use a flat brush to blend the tint inwards for a soft and natural transition.

Your favourite eyebrow shaping Dubai studio will undoubtedly use eyebrow tinted gels. Invest in a first-class product and you’ll see the results. A salon approved brand is Eyebrow Queen, which we use in our eyebrow grooming techniques.

Brau is a brow bar and beauty clinic in Dubai that specializes in luxury beauty treatments.


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