It’s 2021 and with masks still in place for many, eyes are more important than ever. Perhaps the most effective way to enhance your eyes is with lash extensions and, for many of us, this has become an essential beauty treatment.

If you’re a newfound lash addict, we’ve compiled a list of hacks you need to be making the most of in your new mascara-free life. 

1 – Choose your Lash Technician wisely 

With so many artists out there, the choice can be overwhelming. That said, there are a few ways to find the right one:

  • Word of mouth – if your friend has had great lash extensions, this is probably your most trustworthy source.
  • Trusted reviews pages – it’s unlikely that any salon offering a service long term will have a 100% success rate but if the good reviews overwhelmingly outweigh the bad this is a good sign. 
  • Prioritise salons over home services. The industry is saturated with unqualified artists, and while their work may look good on instagram, this doesn’t always mean it is. If you do choose a home-based artist, ask to see their qualifications to ensure a quality service. 


2 – Discuss your options 

If you’ve checked off point 1, your technician will be qualified and experienced in an array of  lash styles and volumes. Brau – industry leading Brow Bar and Lash Studio in Dubai – offers a wide choice of styles including: Natural, Cat Eye, Squirrel, Wake Me Up, Kim K

You can also tailor the volume of your lashes – anything from ‘Classic Lashes’ up to ‘Mega Volume’. A good Lash Artist will keep note of your preferences so that next time they can get you lashed to perfection in record time!

3 – Aftercare is everything

It may not seem like the most groundbreaking hack, but it is key for ensuring lasting lashes and is often overlooked. Your lash artist should go over aftercare with you, but here are the essentials:

  • Keep the lashes dry for the first 24 hours
  • Gently cleanse them after 24 hours and regularly thereafter with an oil-free lash cleanser 
  • Avoid oil based products around the eye area 
  • Avoid eye make-up – the beauty of extensions is that you just don’t need it! 


4 – Never skimp on products 

If you’ve checked off 1-3, be sure not to let it slide here by using cheap or ineffective products. Investing in high quality products is paramount for your lashes to reach their full potential. The main 2 products that should be found in every lash addict’s collection are:

  1. Brau Foaming Cleanser  – it’s gentle formula is perfect for removing dirt and oils, without risk to your lashes.
  2. Lash and Lid Cleansing Brush – the perfect partner to your cleanser – the varied bristle layers clean deep between the lashes whilst respecting lash extension bonds. 

5 – Take a break 

The toughest one, but it’s worth it – it’s important to give your lashes a break once in a while to keep them healthy and strong. This doesn’t mean you need to struggle with sparse lash extensions, there are eyelash extension removal treatments available. This is also a great time to try out different options for your lashes – try an eyelash enhancer such as the M2 Beaute lash growth serum. Be sure to use this time to give your lashes some TLC – the best lash serum as recommended by Brau Artists is the M2 Beaute Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex.

Follow these 5 easy hacks to see the best results out of your beloved lash extensions. For more info on the latest beauty trends or to book in for your lash extensions head over to Brau.